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About Us


Our company has been entertaining audiences for many years. However, we're not stuck in the past. Rather we bring with us a lot of music knowledge, mixing skills, and entertainment experience to your event. Music and entertainment has evolved a lot since then, and so have we.

"Our eloquent DJs will host your event in the manner you prefer: elegant, raucous or somewhere in between".

We will provide you with the perfect mix of entertainment and hospitality. You and your guests will simply experience the sheer joy of great music, great company and a great opportunity to blend the two.

Musical magicians.

Cardi B, Frank Sinatra. Kenny Chesney, Drake, Michael Buble, Coldplay. You call it. The choices are all yours. But how can we play so many different types of music all in one night and still keep your dance floor filled? MAGIC. Well, sort of. Musical wizardry is our forte. You won’t believe how smoothly we can transition from song to song, style to style. We’re quick on our feet, so you can be light on yours. Had enough seventies Motown for one evening? We’ll seamlessly bring you back to this today with the click of a switch and a flick of the wrist. We’re highly adept musical programming engineers, which is a fancy way of saying we know how to take your song choices and play them in an order that will ensure your guests will get on up and party down.

Sound advice.

Did you know that the ceiling height of your banquet room will greatly affect the sound of the music that’s played? And that everything from how many windows there are to what the walls are made of to how many guests your having will also impact the acoustics? We’re well acquainted with the aural challenges that arise at every event, and we’ve got the expertise to do battle with them. You see, sound systems need to be carefully calibrated so they can provide the best auditory experience possible in any given situation. And we’ve got all the knobs, bells, whistles and know-how that are necessary to make your event a hit; we use cutting edge, awesomely-cool components for our sound set-ups, which allow us to deliver crystal-clear music.

Our Cast and Crew.

“We believe the success of our company is directly attributed to our well trained courteous staff of talented individuals. They are neatly groomed, polite, and articulate professional music programmers and entertainment specialists. We work closely together as a team to provide creative and festive events the Troy Entertainment way".

Friendly help is just a few keystrokes away. 

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