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The end of the wedding bell blues.

We’ve all heard a weeping bride-to-be in the midst of making arrangements: “I never thought my wedding would be so stressful. I should just elope!” But eloping’s no fun. No one to ooh and ahh over your centerpieces, no one to toss birdseed joyfully to the heavens, no one to fall face-first into the crème bruleé after one too many Pina Coladas. Don’t worry about a thing. We’re here to make your life easy, and we’ll hold your hand the whole way if you want us to. We’ve done this a lot.

Follow your heart.

Trust your instincts. You did it when you chose your significant other, and look at how well that turned out. Just listen to your heart. Do you want a lively reception, or a low-key one? Do you want a smooth-talking emcee to host the event, or do you prefer a more laid-back approach? The choice is yours, and there’s no right or wrong way to do this thing. Create memories that will forever bring back the joy of your amazing day.

All mixed up.

Pop. Rock. Swing. Disco. Country. Techno. Jazz. What do you want at your reception? You might want to hear lots of different tracks, and that’s exactly what we’ve got. Lots. One of the great things about weddings is that they’re usually attended by a very eclectic mix of people. Different ages from different places with different mindsets. Your reception will probably be a mini melting pot, a crossroads where young hipsters might intersect with big band aficionados. That’s a great thing, and that’s what makes weddings so much fun and interesting. We have tens of thousands of bangers on hand, so don’t be afraid to ask us to go from Little Richard to Lil Wayne, Jackson 5 to Maroon 5, or KC to TI. Mix it up. Your guests will love you for it.

The answers to those burning bridal questions are just a few keystrokes away. 

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