Exceptional Entertainment and Event Production


It had to be you.


You are the chosen: the trusted party ambassador who must do no wrong. Everyone’s counting on you. Fumble this one and you could find yourself calculating postage in the mailroom. Planning a fun company party is serious business, and your good business sense tells you that you better make this party seriously fun. So let’s get down to it…



What’s your flavor?


Will cold brew be flowing freely on tap, or will fine bubbly in sparkling crystal be the order of the evening? Will your co-workers be having hors d'oeurves and hanging out, or will they be wolfing down nachos and hanging from the chandeliers? We’ll cater to your every desire, serving up just about anything you ask for. We can please with Black Eyed Peas. Or maybe some Red Hot Chili Peppers will be needed to spice things up. And we can always toss on some raw Phish when the gang’s ready to chill.



Brownie points.


Making you look good is our business. We understand that a lot is riding on the success of your event, not the least of which is your reputation as the Grand Poobah of fun. We’ll be with you the whole way, and we’ll make sure a hero’s welcome is in store for you come Monday morning.


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